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Millicent Redway-Douglas

Millicent Redway-Douglas is affectionately regarded as a genuine people's person by almost everyone who knows her, particularly family, friends and acquaintances. A successful entrepreneur with a proven record of accomplishment in social marketing, Ms Redway-Douglas got into the seniors concierge business by mere coincidence.  Unable to find a satisfactory solution for taking care of her aging parents, Ms Redway-Douglas made a prodigious decision – she decided to take matters into her own hands and do the job herself.  The rigorous on-the-job train she received over the years, laid the foundation for Mink Concierge Service, the business she started to assist others in similar situations – adult children of out-of-town senior parents with limitations.


Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Administration and 20 plus years of entrepreneurial experience, Ms Redway-Douglas was able to effectively transfer her superior business management skill to the new venture. As a caring adult child of aging parents, she has first-hand knowledge of the aging process and honed a good appreciation of the love, patience and compassion required for such a task – something that could not be taught in any school.


Under Redway-Douglas' directions, all services are tailored to meet individual needs of clients. Whether it's providing companionship, sharing joys and sorrows, or having an open ear, Mink Concierge will take the time. According to its founder, Mink Concierge takes a  proactive, creative, patient approach to assisting clients with trustworthy care. No task is too small or too big for us to enable our clients to continue to lead an independent and joyous life.

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AHCA License # 233329

SPGO License # 1125

Memberships / Registrations

• Florida Depatment of Elder Affairs

• Statewide Public Guardianship Office

• National Guardianship Association

• Center for Guardianship Certification

• Area Agency on Aging, Palm Beach

• Partnership for Aging, Palm Beach

• Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

• Palm Beach Guardianship Association

• Florida State Guardianship Association

• National Planning Council

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