Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  What exactly is Mink Concierge Service?  

A:  Our services are for families or individuals that may need help one time or on going basis for simple day to day functions without constant family assistance. We offer only NON MEDICAL assistance to our clients.

Q: What ages does your company assist?  

A: We assist the elderly and disabled adults!

Q: How do you charge for services?

A: We offer flexible hourly rates.  We do not charge a membership fee and our services can be utilized at your convince or as your needs arise.

Q: Can I use your services as I need you?

A: Certainly, we are here when you need us (depending on our client load). We do require a 24 hour notice.  We also ask that if you need to cancel an appointment that you contact us no later than 24 hours before our arrival time.

Q: Do you administer medication?

A: No, due to insurance and state requirements we are not allowed to administer medication of any type.  But we can do medication counts and see that the medication is on hand so that senior can take their own medication.

Q: Do you provide services to individuals in assisted living or senior communities?

A: Yes we do. Many times assisted centers are not staffed to handle some of the functions we provide.

Q: How does Mink Concierge Service compare in cost and quality to home healthcare or assisted living?
A: We are neither the most, nor least expensive services you can choose.  Remember that Mink Concierge Service is not a home healthcare provider.  Our services support seniors and their families where there is need for assistance which cannot be readily provided by family members.  The quality of our service can only be described as without comparison.

Q: How does Mink Concierge Service charge for services?
A: Most of our services are charged on an hourly basis. Because most services are customized and non-traditional, we quote you a firm price once we understand the details of your assignment.

Q: How do I pay for services?
A: We accept cash, credit cards, or checks. You may pay on a per-visit or monthly basis.

Q: How quickly can services begin?
A: Once we have an understanding of the need, have verified that an appropriate staff member is available , we will provide a quote for the requested service (s). If you wish to proceed, we will meet with your senior so that they can decide if we are a comfortable team. There is no charge for this meeting. Services can begin almost immediately thereafter.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We currently serve the Palm Beach and Broward County areas.  We can expand this area when needed but must charge an additional fee for mileage and travel time. Travel services extend beyond these areas.

Q: How do I begin services?
A: Give us a call  at (561) 247-9069 or email us
.  We promise a prompt response. 

(561) 247-9069

AHCA License # 233329

SPGO License # 1125

Memberships / Registrations

• Florida Depatment of Elder Affairs

• Statewide Public Guardianship Office

• National Guardianship Association

• Center for Guardianship Certification

• Area Agency on Aging, Palm Beach

• Partnership for Aging, Palm Beach

• Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

• Palm Beach Guardianship Association

• Florida State Guardianship Association

• National Planning Council

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