Guardianship is a concept derived from ancient times, fostered on the premise that society has an obligation to provide care for its members who cannot care for themselves. When a family member is unable or unwilling to serve as guardian, a professional guardian is appointed by the Court to make financial, medical and social decisions for individuals that have been adjudicated to be incapacitated and therefore unable to make these decisions for themselves.


In addition to the obvious growth in the elder population in Florida, there remains a need for guardians for other vulnerable persons in similar circumstances. These individuals include the mentally incapacitated, individuals with brain injuries, the developmentally disabled, and individuals with drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness. 


Guardianship may also be required for a number of medical, mental, or developmental conditions that affect the individual’s ability to make life sustaining decisions and to protect themselves or others they interact with from harm.  


When alternative means of protecting vulnerable individuals are not sufficient, Mink Concierge provides guardianship of the person, guardianship of the property and case management services under the direction of a practicing National Certified Guardian that is fully licensed, insured and bonded. 

Other ancillary services Mink provides includes:

     • Durable Power of Attorney; 

     • Representative Payee;

     • V.A. Fiduciary;

     • Health Care Surrogate;

     • Personal Representative and 

     • Financial Management (including bill pay).

Mink Concierge is a member of, or registered with the following:

• Florida’s Statewide Public Guardianship Office (registered)

• Florida Department of Elder Affairs (registered)

• Nationally Certified by Center for Guardianship Certification (registered)

• National Care Planning Council (member)

• Palm Beach County Partnership for Aging (member)

• Area Agency on Aging of Palm Beach (member)

• National Guardianship Association (member)

• Florida State Guardianship Association (member)

• Palm Beach Guardianship Association (member)

Guardianship / Case Management

(561) 247-9069

AHCA License # 233329

SPGO License # 1125

Memberships / Registrations

• Florida Depatment of Elder Affairs

• Statewide Public Guardianship Office

• National Guardianship Association

• Center for Guardianship Certification

• Area Agency on Aging, Palm Beach

• Partnership for Aging, Palm Beach

• Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

• Palm Beach Guardianship Association

• Florida State Guardianship Association

• National Planning Council

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